Brenda Kelley is affectionately known as "Momma Kelley."  She sings the alto part and manages the group.  She is retired and enjoys working in her local church with her husband, Pastor Robert Kelley in Hampton, Virginia.  She has an exciting and anointed presence on stage that has gained her many fans over the years.  

Lori Kelley Woods sings soprano for The Kelleys and writes most of the music they sing.  She is employed by a local school district.  She and her husband, Jeff, live in Hampton, Virginia with their five-year-old twins, Syd and Ana.

Craig Parry is employed by Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding and is also a minister of the Gospel.  He sings tenor for The Kelleys and serves as an associate minister at Portsmouth United Pentecostal Church.  He and his wife, Carol, live in Portsmouth, Virginia.