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Brenda Kelley started The Kelleys over thirty years ago when she sang for evangelistic services with her husband, Pastor Robert Kelley, and their two young children.  She now continues her work as a pastor's wife combined with her role as manager and alto singer for The Kelleys.  She is loved by audiences everywhere, known to all as Mama Kelley.  She is a beloved speaker at women's conferences and in Bible study at her local assembly.  

Lori Kelley Woods is the soprano singer for the group and writes many of the songs the group sings.  She is a mom to boy/girl twins, Syd and Ana and works as a local high school English teacher.  She has also been a featured speaker at women's ministry events.  She is recognized for her songwriting talent and has worked as a staff writer for Gaither Music Publishing.

Craig Parry is the tenor singer for The Kelleys and has shared his talent with the group for over twenty years as either a musician or singer.  He is an associate minister at a local assembly and is in demand as an evangelistic speaker.  He and his wife Carol reside in Portsmouth, Virginia.
18 E. Cummings Avenue
Hampton, VA 23663

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Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

"...Go ye into all the world..."
- Mark 16:15 
Phone: (757) 262-6485